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"Freedom" , he said looking down the Sea.

"Look how everything has melted down with the moonlight."

We gaze in changing winds, contemplating the seagull's white wings, listen to waves too busy to show up.

"But, Pa, moonlight can't melt.." -

"That's what you say", he smiles knowingly. "Where Land and Sea are touching each other, you can look at the horizon until you have no sight no more", he continues.

"No sight no more", I repeat, leaning my head to the side. "There is kind of awe in freedom, right?"

His old face lights up. "Awe?", he asks. "I don't know, girl. I think there is simply no word for it." Then he looks back to me: "That's why, people are scared, run away and can't explain why."

He suddenly searches a point in the distance, finally stares into the Wadden Sea. "But I tell you, they just can't grab it. See, you can't captivate freedom, just can't..."

He moves his head from side to side as if he wanted to shake a daydream off and I nodd understandingly.

"Alright, got it, freedom is too big to hold, huh?" -


I look at the baseball cap in his hand. "You're not getting cold? " -

"Yeah, kinda." He covers his head and we walk back to where we came from.

Wattenmeer/ Wadden Sea, Friedrichskoog-Spitze, Germany, 2022


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