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A poetic, spiritual & feminist pamphlet on life & abortion

{be aware/ sensitiv content: not for children/ this text treats incest, sexual abuse, criticises religion and patriarchy, violation of children's and women's rights, abortion/ don't read the text if you are uncomfortable with these topics}

Female body with flowers by Margarita, St Petersburg, Belarus (Pexels)

My body is not your body.

My body is not your body.

No-one else's body than my very own.

My body is my responsibility, my duty, the given shape for my soul’s existence on this Earth.

Given by God, by the Divine, by the source that gives life to all of us.

My life, my spiritual path, my destiny are not given by men or any religion accumulating power and wealth and withdrawing it at the same time from me.

The life I am able to give and I can offer is a sum of my thoughts, choices, my destiny and my opportunities in this world.

I am first of all a woman, then daughter, sister, cousin, wife, mother and many more.

These roles and choices are solely given to the woman, not the man.

I am aware that I can die during the process of giving birth and in motherhood.

Man does not carry life, he is asked to provide security for women and children or himself only. But often he leaves them alone and never looks back; often he cheats on himself first.

Who is pursuing and shaming men so that their life is destroyed and they are stoned to death as people do it for minor reasons with women and girls?

Where is the sister killing his brother because he left his wife and children and is therefore dishonouring the whole family?

Where are the women gang-banging a man in a bus and get away with it as if nothing happened?

We see how religiously toned politics serve the male, not the female and last the child.

We can see how male the religious and political body is.

So you might understand that this cannot be my body yet.

My body is female, my body is nature, my body bears the child, my body ressembles animal’s perfection.

My female body has been violated for reasons of fear with regards to human creation all too often. Truth is: you can’t control politically the colourful chaos of becoming.

You can’t prohibit mixed marriages, immigration and a declining society.

All great Empires came to an end.

We need to acknowledge that we are falling, that we failed in this project of civilisation.

We prefer war to interconnection, didn’t want to move on together and now there is no place to get together anymore.

Woman with red umbrella by Marmal, Rome Italy, (pixabay)

I am an orphan and my body is bleeding

Men send our children to war and dare to talk in the name of God when they mutilate my female body and our holy Mother Nature.

They who used to think themselves equal to God and pretend to understand His Greatness: nothing do they understand; just words, taken here and there out of context, held together by fear and despair and signed with a bought PhD because science is serving men, not women.

One thing is clear: God has created the woman as she is and men want to dominate her on all levels of human life.

But she is not inferior to them, only to God. And men are not equal to God so that they just shut up judging on His behalf. They are equal to them. He is equal to her. We are all inferior to Father God and Mother Nature. Gender is a social construction and fluid.

However, men in all shapes of various sexual orientations try to manufacture women, silence them, deny all her sublime functions and her freedom of choice by mutilating her: individually, collectively, repeatedly.

Today, after all the years where men were killing my mothers and refuse being my fathers; today, I am an orphan and my body is bleeding because of all female suffering on this planet, because of the violation of babies, children, young and old women; because of circoncision and forced sterilisation; because of prostitution and sexual torture.

Rose by Sanjai Sudheesh, Kerala, India (Pixels)

There is trauma in our DNA

The sacred and dangerous process of becoming a mother has been trivialised in order to preserve male domination;

In order to appease weak souls who are not strong enough to bear the weight of transition and change.

Many persons are not strong enough to see that we bring different qualities to this world.

This is why, our societies are so chaotic and dysfunctional because we deny people to offer and provide their valuable and needed elements to them.

We are asked by ideologically infiltrated authorities to ressemble to angels, a certain gender or healthy working machines; in order to fulfil their wish, we cheat on ourselves and others.

A woman has the stamina to guide a society, a community and a family through transition and change because she knows physically, psychologically and emotionally what change, renewal and creation is.

Too often authority uses force to control creation, transition and progress.

But if you abuse nature, you kill the whole planet.

A mother nourishes her environment emotionally.

Motherly love is one of the greatest sources of healing.

A mother is her baby’s world, his anchor.

A child needs love to grow and flourish.

But there is trauma in our DNA.

If you violate the woman she is, you violate her family.

You create children disgusted by themselves, detached from love and open to evil.

Open to intellectualising and legitimising the violation of the female, the child, nature and animals in order to hide the wound of not being wanted by their very own mother.

Because where is non-acceptance is suffering; where is no love, is no healing.

Life and abortion are connected

Today we deal with this cruel heritage of the molesting father:

A great decline of nature, society, values and security.

How manny nuns had to abort in order to stay holy ?

How many victims were forced to have a child they didn't want ?

How many mothers had to die because doctors refuse to extract her dead and unborn child so that she had to pass away, too, all by leaving her first-born child and husband behind?

The Abortion Law is not about manipulating women of not wanting to have babies how many amongst us believe.

It is helping families to plan what they can handle without becoming dysfunctional.

It is about mental and physical, about individual and collective health.

There is a difference between two or six, six or twelve, twelve or eighteen children.

And there is a difference of bearing children oneself or just watching someone doing it.

Deciding on my body is helping us women and families to survive, to live in dignity and to be available for a life in love and not in survival mode.

The Abortion Law is also supporting women by dealing with undesirable consequences of incest, rape and miscarriages.

It is saving women’s lives when the dead foetus is killing her from inside.

It is preventing a mother hating her baby because it reminds her of the rape or incest she had to endure. It is helping a family to have enough food for their children because let's be clear: few states in the world help families to get along financially and we all need to eat.

The Abortion Law is especially helping women who otherwise would do it illegally: around the world and every year, 7 Million women need to be treated in hospital as a consequence of illegal and unclear abortion practices and we don't know the exact number of those who can not afford going to the hospital and die alone.

I am asking myself how can we still allow ourselves to not responding to female suffering.

Current laws are neither protecting mothers and their children correctly, nor are they helping victims of incest and sexual violence adequately. We need to go ahead in order to heal and to understand that our body is precious and unique and that noone has the right to decide what we do with it. Not one person, not a group and no state.

This is a poetic, spiritual feminist pamphlet for women's rights. My approach is artistic. That is why, I am not talking about specific cases or laws and how they are applied in European or other countries. I also want to make clear that I am not against religion. Religions give us a social conscience (as the mystic G. Gurdjeff said) and a sense of belonging and community. Having a religion gives us strength and purpose if not used in the political sphere where power is the underlying motivation of all endeavours. Moreover, with this text I advocate for adequate family planning and I urge societies to respond to female and family needs. Stop closing your eyes and protecting the offenders and please stop talking in the name of God. We are all human beings and we can do something here where we are: supporting the victims becoming strong survivors. Of course, contraception helps to avoid abortion, but victims have no choice and in many countries there is no easy access to it. For more information on abortion provided by the World Health Organization and what it has to do with women's rights, please click here.


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