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It is in your mind, my love, it is in your mind.

What do you do when you are desperate?

Will you run or will you hide? Your heart is growing and your skin is wide,

wide open.

Don‘t go back, little girl, because you will not gain time.

Everything happening to you was fine.

Was necessary to trust you a seed

that grows endlessly in humanity.

Go ahead, strong woman,

don‘t let others urge

you another way than yours.

Stay focussed and clean,

be the change you mean.

It is in your mind, my love, it is in your mind.

What do you do, when you are striving?

Can you explain your way?

Are you afraid of being you? Let me put stars in your ocean

and flowers in your sky. Don‘t be shy. Don‘t be afraid. Everything people want you to do

has already been made.


Therefore, I ask you to let it out.

Scream and shout. Raise your voice, young girl!

Stretch your smile! Stay for a while to explain, to sing the song of your life.

Let everybody know

who you are that you‘ll go far, go away dancing with thousand footsteps

in the air.

Always get along. When you have no ground

to walk on, don‘t be shy, walk all over the sky! You know how to fly.

© Manou Fines

photography: Jerome Charyn


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