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It is in your mind, my love, it is in your mind. What do you do when you are desperate ? Will you run or will you hide? Your heart is growing and your skin is wide, wide open (...)


The Fish

I see you rising, lose your vision when you disappear. Hopelessly far, sometimes so near. My heart smiles when we play our game. We are of a different kind, our soul is the same (...)

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Oh shadow, oh shadow. Please be dear to me. When mummy is yelling. Never let that be me. Darken my face, but never my heart (...)


Djazaïr bei mir

Je suis belle, je suis seule, je suis enceinte.

Enceinte des paroles non prononcées.

Remplie par le vide d'un trou noir. Un bébé noir voudrait exister dans un monde blanc.Comme un caillou noir sur une plage claire et longue (...)



Breathing so that the air becomes significant

Breathing in and out (...)

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