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Man, let me be a woman!

It took me a while to let loose this tear in form of a blog post because I was wondering what does my blogpost really change? Does it help a woman in Kabul supporting Taliban regime since their take-over last year? Does it help stopping domestic violence? (...)

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Remembrance & Rage: on holding the pieces together

Last year I asked in my German class in a Northern suburb of Paris if my 16-year-old pupils knew what happened on 8 May 1945.

The Jewish kids looked away;

the Eastern European kids looked at me;

the African-French kids murmured until finally one Algerian girl looked straight into my eyes, verifying if she could trust me (...)


Notes on happiness

In India where I learned the spiritual practice of Yoga, I was given notions on happiness that stayed with me in the form of six phrases. When our body and our mind are threatened and we cry for love and mercy, cry for what is and become angry on what should be, the Yogic notion of happiness could give some kind of hope and guidance, like the wind that grows strong, gives fresh air to breath in deeply and can destroy what is with a breath taking strike...


It is a spell caster's world

It is not that I wouldn’t like to meditate while sitting in the train or in the waiting room of my dentist, but sometimes I opt for senseless distraction where I consume friend’s pictures, friend’s friend’s pics, stranger’s and influencer’s images, political activist’s contributions; sometimes I just look at my own pictures as if I needed to ensure myself that I do still exist (...)


We are the artists of our life's color

Beauty and the sublime seem to be born out of an essential friction that rules the major incidents of the world. I got to know that very early in my life. When I was a teenager I met a boy who survived war. At this time I had no idea what a war is, what „survive“ means, was not aware of the long-lasting effects of trauma and was unconscious that people could conserve a war inside. Traumatic life experiences are woven in a very complex way in the survivor's personality, behavior and thinking (...)


International Women's Day

In Norse mythology there are gods and goddesses, warriors and Valkyries, female and male elves, giants and giantesses and many more. They are evil or good creatures and often the impact of their actions was not intended (...)

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